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Lettering, UI, graphic design & web development by Oscar Cortez in sunny Orlando, Florida. He is an illustrator, designer and educator who is in love with Jodie,  and Christ.
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Oscar Cortez was born in Texas but has been local to South and Central Florida for long enough that it's where he calls home. In his sophomore year of high school, he was introduced to his first Apple, a Macintosh Quadra 600 series, and it opened the floodgates to his love of finely crafted user interfaces, intricate digital input devices and automated design workflows. Since then, he has worked to hone his skills in all of Adobe’s design products and quite a few others. His expertise with Apple’s operating system, hardware and applications afforded him the opportunity to work in the “Creative” position at Orlando’s Apple Store, training employees and customers in a variety of software and tools.

Oscar continues to expand his practical experience, alongside his wife Jodie, as a creative professional for his own small design & illustration business where everything is hand-drawn and full of vibrant colors. Oscar also instructs students in project production, development and design at Full Sail University, where he teaches in the Mobile Development Bachelors Degree.

Oscar and Jodie have been blessed to work with several missionaries over the years and currently travel to Mexico yearly to expand the reach of the Gospel there. They are part of the work that Real Life Christian Church is doing in East Orlando and have two little boys, Max and Maverick, that they can't wait to see again in Heaven.


Currently, I am available for design, web and small print projects. Drop me a line to get started :)

You can also hire me for one-off hand-lettering projects, via the great Envato Studio network:

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